#regram from the other night in Montana.

#regram from the other night in Montana.

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On View: “Equinox” Group Show at Arch Enemy Arts

by Nick PizanaPosted on April 9, 2014

Philadelphia’s Arch Enemy Arts has assembled a slew of artists with a penchant for mysticism as part of their “Equinox” exhibition this month. Throughout history, the Equinox has held heavy mythological and supernatural connotations. It is an event in which day and night have equal length and the idea of that balance between the two is explored throughout the show. The exhibition shines a special spotlight on the mesmerizingly colorful paintings of surrealist Hannah Yata, and the impressively detailed anatomical pieces by Michael Reedy (featured in HF Vol. 27). Also featured are new works from Jessica Dalva, Scott Kirschner, Archer Dougherty and Jel Ena.

The exhibition opened on April 4 and wholly embodied the spirit of the surreal and unusual, hosting a live body painting session and a guest appearance by Nix Herrera, an award-winning body painter and a contestant on the SyFy channel’s “Face Off.” “Equinox” will run through April 30.

Top 4 are Hannah Yata

5,6,7,8 are Michael Reedy

9.Archer Dougherty    10. Jessica Dalva

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Artist Marina González Eme (behance)

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Vex - foxtail


Vex - foxtail

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"They’re erasing you"

"They’re erasing you"

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Just a few of his Digital Illustrations

Illustrator, graphic designer
Many years ago I decided to choose the technic of electronic montage. Because I observed that photography influences differently the perception than graphic works. People, even today, in the time of Adobe Photoshop program domination, treat photography as recording the reality, are willing to believe in it to large extant. It causes that manipulated picture moves more, is more suggestive…